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VAYA GO Electric Scooter


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The VAYA GO electric Scooter is designed to go anywhere, anytime, with ease and fun. School, work, around the campus, to the bus or train, or simply cruising around!

The VAYA GO e-Scooter is strong, robust and built to last. It even folds down so you can easily take it with you. A lockable battery can be removed for remote charging or battery swapping and the VAYA GO also features a USB charger to charge your mobile phone. Lights provide rider safety so you can get around day or night, in style.

The VAYA GO features a powerful 9Ah battery and comes in three colours: Raven, Slate and Arctic.

A unique, beautifully balanced electric scooter that is a pleasure to ride, book a test ride or order now!

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The VAYA GO electric scooter is fun and easy to ride. It has a great ergonomic design, a long-range and can fold down for storage and portability. Take on the train, bus or just place it in the boot of the car.

It’s designed for relaxed, easy scootering and it looks great as well.

The VAYA GO can save you money. It’s cost-effective as well as convenient.

And it is GREEN … good for the environment.


Its sturdy aluminium alloy frame and chassis will handle the toughest of rides. It can carry up to 120 kgs.


The GO’s base suspension is perfectly balanced to give you a comfortable ride

Electric Brakes

Operated by your thumb on the handlebars. It is reliable and will not lock, bringing you to a complete stop in a smooth but sure fashion. NO manual cables requiring regular adjustment.

Removable Battery

Only VAYA GO Scooters have the battery in the steering column that is locked with a key. You can remove it to remotely charge or, for extra-long rides, take another battery in your backpack to swap.

Great for e-scooter hire companies to keep the scooter on the road. Just swap the battery and re-hire.

Cool Lights

No other e-Scooter offers driving lights and feature lights as smart as this one. Brake indicator lights turn the handlebar lights red while the front-facing smart feature lights add superior visibility on your afternoon or night ride.

USB Charger

Your VAYA GO is also an emergency power bank. Use the USB charger to charge your mobile phone.

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