Did you know… if you look after your lithium battery correctly, you can extend its expected lifetime?


Here are some handy tips you can implement to ensure your battery lasts!

removable lithium batteries being installed in VAYA scooter
close-up of powerful electric scooter battery

1. Keep your battery charged

Lithium batteries do not like to be left on 0% charge. When you are not using your battery regularly, try and keep it around 50% charged. If you do decide to store your battery, we recommend charging it up to 50% once or twice every six months.

2. Don’t overcharge your battery

Lithium batteries should never be fully charged. When this happens, the battery is strained which causes it to wear down faster. These batteries do not like extremes so preventing low charge and full charge will preserve your battery lifetime.

close-up of lithium battery connector for electric scooters

3. Store your lithium battery separately

When you are not using your lithium battery regularly, we suggest you store this separately to the product. This will protect the battery and reduce the battery draining unnecessarily. Make sure to put it in a safe place that doesn’t get too hot.

4. Keep lithium batteries at room temperature

Lithium batteries like to be stored at room temperature. This can range anywhere from 15-25 degrees. These batteries do not like to overheat or get too cold, so it is important to find a consistent temperature to store them.


Following these 4 simple steps will contribute to a longer battery lifetime.


All our VAYA bikes use lithium batteries. We believe lithium has a lot to offer in terms of power and usability. When taken care of correctly, these batteries can last over the recommended lifespan.


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