If you want your product evaluated take it to a conference with 500 engineers and engineering suppliers. That’s what we did with our VAYA e-scooter which we made the prize in a lucky business card draw, Congratulations to Gary Murphy from The Isaac Regional Council who won the VAYA valued at $1000. No issues with the VAHA with feedback from a very large cross-section of male, female young and not so young engineers who wanted to learn more.

With so many Councils Strategic Transport Plans recognising the importance of emerging personal transport devices for that first mile last mile journey it wasn’t surprising that so many wanted to experience one for themselves. Not only is the VAYA e-scooter fun for recreation, but it is also a serious way to transport people in crowded cities where it makes more sense to use a scooter than an UBER or Taxi or BUS. Traffic congestion and limited and expensive parking in cities make the use of portable and collapsible e-scooters a serious consideration. This is evidenced worldwide with the rollout of Lime scooters and others and that is being embraced by Local Governments for not just tourism but environmental, convenience and common sense.