How to look after your Lithium Battery

Did you know… if you look after your lithium battery correctly, you can extend its expected lifetime?


Here are some handy tips you can implement to ensure your battery lasts!

removable lithium batteries being installed in VAYA scooter
close-up of powerful electric scooter battery

1. Keep your battery charged

Lithium batteries do not like to be left on 0% charge. When you are not using your battery regularly, try and keep it around 50% charged. If you do decide to store your battery, we recommend charging it up to 50% once or twice every six months.

2. Don’t overcharge your battery

Lithium batteries should never be fully charged. When this happens, the battery is strained which causes it to wear down faster. These batteries do not like extremes so preventing low charge and full charge will preserve your battery lifetime.

close-up of lithium battery connector for electric scooters

3. Store your lithium battery separately

When you are not using your lithium battery regularly, we suggest you store this separately to the product. This will protect the battery and reduce the battery draining unnecessarily. Make sure to put it in a safe place that doesn’t get too hot.

4. Keep lithium batteries at room temperature

Lithium batteries like to be stored at room temperature. This can range anywhere from 15-25 degrees. These batteries do not like to overheat or get too cold, so it is important to find a consistent temperature to store them.


Following these 4 simple steps will contribute to a longer battery lifetime.


All our VAYA bikes use lithium batteries. We believe lithium has a lot to offer in terms of power and usability. When taken care of correctly, these batteries can last over the recommended lifespan.


You can check out our VAYA electric range here. We offer electric motorbikes, electric moped scooters and stand on scooters for your daily commute.

Why Buy Electric Over Petrol Powered Motorbikes?

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider buying an electric, rather than a petrol powered motorbike.

1. Low Maintenance  

Electric motorbikes need very little maintenance. These bikes have fewer parts which minimises the maintenance required. Did you know, brakes wear down slower with electric motorbikes compared to petrol powered motorbikes? This is due to the mechanics of the electric motor, causing the brakes to wear down slower than traditional motorbikes, so you’ll get longer wear out of each set.


2. Save Time and Money 

Electric powered bikes can save you a lot of money. Avoid high priced petrol and enjoy cruising past the line-up of cars at the local petrol station. Although there are electricity costs when charging, these are much lower than paying for petrol. Minimum bike maintenance means you don’t need to pay for countless spare parts like you would with a standard motorbike, saving you a lot of money and time!


3. Powerful Torque 

Electric motors create quick acceleration and a whole new level of power. If you enjoy quick take-off with no messing around, an electric motorbike will not disappoint.

4. Environmental 

Electric motorbikes create a cleaner environment. Noise pollution is also reduced compared to a petrol-powered motorbike due to its whisper quiet engine. Instead of drowning out the peaceful surrounds, you can now immerse yourself in nature. One would like to think that our native wildlife is better off as well. Electric motorbikes contribute to eliminating exhaust fumes, therefore improving community health levels.


Check out the VAYA Electric Range. We have electric powered motorbikes right down to stand on scooters. We want to encourage everyone to choose a greener option for their daily commute. Electric isn’t just green though; the many advantages also highlight an obvious financial benefit.

electric motorbike at electric dreams expo in Brisbane

Electric Dreams Expo

We recently attended the Electric Dreams Expo in Brisbane with Star 8 Australia. The exhibition was filled with a diverse range of electric vehicles ranging from skateboards and wakeboards to buses and trucks.  

Our electric motorbikes and Calypsos definitely made a strong impression over the two days. When the weather permitted, a number of people took the opportunity to trial our motorbikes out on the track. Our team was kept very busy talking with the high volume of visitors and booking rides both at the show and back in our head office based at Capalaba.  

The event was considered a huge success by both exhibitors and visitors. We loved taking part and it was wonderful that so many people wanted to educate themselves on the power of electric technology. We believe the future of electric vehicles is strong. 

If you missed coming along but would like to come and view our electric range or have a ride for yourself, give us a call on 1300 717 141 or email us at and book in.

man riding vaya calypso electric scooter along beach in Gold Coast, Australia

Introducing the VAYA Calypso Electric Scooter

Autumn is here. That fresh sea breeze rushes past as you ride along the beach boulevard. The ocean is to your left, a row of quaint beach houses is to your right. A mixture of morning sea air and freshly ground coffee permeates the air. You ride straight through the traffic jam, past the lineup of cars waiting at the fuel station. Not you though… No overpriced petrol and crazy long lines ever again!

How does one begin every day like this?

Let us introduce you to our Calypso. Yep, the name is as enticing as the bike itself. The Calypso provides a new sense of freedom. This electric motorbike is oh so smooth to ride, well balanced and you never have to pay for fuel again!

Have you noticed green transport can be expensive? We think that choosing a greener way of living should be convenient and affordable for everyone! This is why the VAYA Calypso electric scooter was born. A stylish beachside electric scooter that’s easy to ride, low maintenance and provides a green solution for those everyday errands and weekend outings.

Design your Calypso to your taste by choosing the colour and battery capacity. The Calypso comes with one battery but you can choose to have a second for longer range.

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin… It doesn’t matter which state or territory you live in; our electric scooters can be registered for on-road use in any state or territory in Australia.

Choose Calypso… Enjoy the silence.

Young celebrity riding VAYA GO electric scooter through Hyde Park in London

VAYA Launches in the UK

Imagine riding along the beautiful River Thames late one spring afternoon. You watch the sunset over the iconic Tower Bridge and finish your ride by the riverside with a glass of wine in a quaint Italian restaurant.

Well, maybe we haven’t experienced this yet BUT our VAYA scooters have! We are very excited to announce that VAYA Star 8 has launched in the City of London in the United Kingdom!

Celebrities and radio presenters have already started cruising on their VAYA through these iconic landmarks.

Meet Jordan Banjo, a radio presenter and celebrity dancer for Diversity, who loves to ride his Raven VAYA Go around the UK. This man knows how to bring style and class into all areas of life.

Jordan’s not the only VAYA lover though. Malvin Odoom and Rickie Haywood-Williams, two of the UK’s most loved BBC radio presenters are riding their VAYA to and from the office.

London is opening up to electric scooters and our VAYA GO is attracting a lot of attention. One of the favourite features of the scooters is the headlights for nighttime riding. Londoners love to socialise and meet up with friends for a meal or drink after work. What better way to travel than on a VAYA GO scooter. It’s unique, stylish and streamlined design, makes it so easy to ride.

It is exciting to see the British welcome the Star 8 VAYA into their lives but even more importantly, it shows their passion for green transport and cleaner energy. A passion we all share.

We feel overwhelmed by the love and support we’ve received from the UK since launching.

Give them your support and follow VAYA UK on Instagram @VAYA.UK and enjoy looking at beautiful scenic locations around picturesque London through the eyes of a VAYA.

VAYA GO Customer Review

We recently caught up with Joe to hear about his experience with his VAYA GO electric scooter.

“My wife won a VAYA scooter in a competition last year and we both loved riding it around our neighbourhood. After sharing the one scooter for a while, she decided to get me a matching one for Christmas which I was very excited to receive.

We live in a growing estate that has really good paths and infrastructure, perfect for zooming around on a VAYA scooter. We mostly use our scooters for cruising around to see family who live in the same estate as us or going to the local shops. Sometimes we just ride them for pleasure cruising. People have asked what my favourite part of the VAYA is but it’s hard for me to pick one. I love the different speed settings that make it easy to learn and it’s also just easy to ride in general which is great. It also folds up nicely which makes it so simple to transport. It is quite amusing riding around our estate on the VAYA as you get a lot of looks from people who are clearly a little jelly. It also sets off all the local kids on their regular scooters. We’ve even had a shady looking group of kids ask us to take them for a joy ride while we were at the shops. I politely declined that offer. 😉

Owning a VAYA has made our everyday commuting so much easier and shopping trips a very fun time… especially when you race there.”

We love the way Joe leaves his car in the garage and instead rides his VAYA. You know… if we all start to make these small changes, together we can make a real difference… and have fun in the process.

Our VAYA electric scooters come in three colours and battery sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Click this link and design your dream scooter. We will even ship it to you the same day your order is received.

If you would like to stay updated with what VAYA or our partner Star 8 are doing, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

electric scooter competition winner receiving VAYA Go electric scooter in Brisbane

And the winner is…

October was competition month here at VAYA. And the prize? Our top of the range model 10.5ah VAYA GO electric scooter. 

Valued at $999, it was one of our biggest giveaways, and about to belong to one lucky person. There was excitement at Head Office in Brisbane when our VAYA Managing Director, Ian, drew out the winning ticket from 280 entries. The winner was Anna from Yarrabilba! The VAYA GO was delivered to her door personally by Ian. 

We caught up with her recently to see how she was enjoying her new scooter. 

Anna states: “It has been such a blast winning this scooter!” 

Anna and her husband live in a built-up estate, with their local shopping district down the road. “I have been able to leave my car in the garage and just scoot up to the shops when I need,” Anna explained. “In a few short, and fun, minutes, I’m there.” She has also been using the scooter to visit friends and family in the area. In this summer heat, she would normally take the car, but now her VAYA scooter gets her there and back. 

And what about the ride itself? 

According to Anna: “It is such an easy scooter to use and get the hang of. It feels so effortless on hills and over bumpy ground, and it’s so easy to just fold up and pop in the car if I want to take it somewhere.” 

Anna’s whole family have been trying out the scooter, including in their house. 

We are so happy you are loving your scooter Anna! And, once again, congratulations on your win. 

The VAYA GO is everything you need in an electric scooter. 

If you would like to stay updated with what VAYA or our partner Star 8 are doing, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

young man riding environmentally friendly electric scooter in Brisbane

What is Australia doing for the environment?

From Governments, all the way down to our youth, Australians are getting on board the movement to care for our planet and the wonderful wildlife within it. Through incentives, alternative green energy solutions and an increasing awareness amongst the general public, people are taking active steps across the country to minimise their carbon footprint. Below are four major areas that are doing their bit for the environment.

Electricity Sources

Australia has always been heavily dependent on coal for its electricity supply. This has been an abundant resource, but the country is moving towards greener solutions. There are currently almost fifty wind farms operating across Australia and even more solar farms either operational or under construction. Along with that, incentives have been provided for roof solar panels in homes and businesses.

The federal government has also invested a huge amount of money and resources into researching and developing hydrogen energy sources.

Public Transport

Australia’s expansive landmass means travelling is a large part of people’s lives. Each day, people are commuting for work, travelling to visit friends and family, or simply taking an interstate holiday. Public transport is vital, but it puts a heavy toll on the environment.   

Earlier this year, the NSW government announced their intention to replace all current buses with zero-emission buses by 2050, and have been looking into both electric and hydrogen bus options. Other states have begun investigating green public transport options.

We are also seeing money put into bike lanes and better footpaths across the country.


Disposable fashion has put a huge strain on the environment due to the materials, manufacturing and disposal stages for many decades. Local businesses such as Outland Denim, have been leading the way when it comes to greener production, minimum waste and the creation of a product that will last many seasons. Other Australia fashion labels such as Vege Threads and Good Studios are choosing eco-friendly materials such as hemp and organic cotton. The Sydney company Citizen Wolf not only uses hemp, organic cotton and zero waste production processes in order to reduce landfills but they offer free repairs for as long as you wish to keep wearing your Citizen t-shirt. These companies are revolutionising environmentally sustainable fashion within Australia.

Young Contributors

Schools around Australia are literally getting their hands dirty to help the environment. Planting trees, building worm farms and composts and bringing in rubbish free lunches are being encouraged by schools across the country. Many are even allowing students to get out and learn more about their beautiful environment and how to care about it.

Each of these four initiatives is contributing to a greener future for Australia. Here at VAYA Electric Scooters and Electric Motorbikes Australia, we believe in providing environmentally sustainable modes of transport to assist people in their everyday lives. Each person has the opportunity to say yes to a greener earth and do their part to protect our beautiful country. Let’s come together as a nation and do our bit for Australia.

And of course, we don’t forget the very real and valuable health dividend that arises from our widespread adoption of green energy solutions. Especially when they involved the replacement of polluting combustion engines.

young man travelling through Brisbane on an electric scooter

Sustainability is Everyone’s Responsibility

Have you ever wondered what this trending word ‘sustainability’ really means? It has been tossed around a lot in recent years, but why is it important and what should we do about it?

The word ‘sustainable’ basically means capable of enduring – lasting the test of time – but when we talk about sustainability, we refer to the enduring nature of humanity on earth. The depletion of the earth’s resources so that there is less available for future generations or living in a manner that is “sustainable” for those generations.

Humans have existed on earth for thousands of years, but ever-increasing populations, the industrial age and the push towards a more disposable society in the west have left people wondering if there will even be a world for the next generation, let alone many to come. It is up to us to make sure there is.

Various world governments are changing policy to protect the environment. Policies like subsidies for greener energy, replacing diesel busses with electric busses, and taxing pollution. It isn’t just the responsibility of our governments, though. We all need to do our bit.

Here are some of the many ways that each of us can help:

1. Leave the car at home. Take public transport, carpool, walk or use an electric bike or electric scooter. Consider electric transportation.

2. Choose renewable energy. Electricity companies often have a renewable energy option when you sign up. At home you can also install solar panels, solar hot water, and solar lighting.

3. Turn things off. Lights, appliances and other unnecessary electronics.

4. Reuse and recycle. Remember your reusable bags, wash out containers and refill them, and send things off to be recycled. Some places will even give you money for cans. Avoid plastic.

5. Ask yourself if you really need the latest model. If your phone is still working well, resist the temptation to throw it out and purchase the latest model. If your TV is fine, fight the desire to replace it with one that has a larger screen size. Let’s resist the “throw-away” mentality. This will conserve our finite resources.

6. Find out about the companies you are buying from. Support the companies that are doing their bit for sustainability.

At VAYA Electric Scooters and Electric Motorbikes, we believe in the importance of sustainability and are working hard with innovative technology to reduce fossil emissions. This is an area we are very passionate about and we’d love you to join us on this journey to create a cleaner earth for future generations to enjoy.

young couple drinking coffee at Brisbane cafe after riding VAYA Go Electric Scooters

VAYA Electric Scooters – The Quest for Freedom

At VAYA we understand that freedom is something human beings have craved for a long time and it has pushed man to create bigger and better modes of transport. Cars, trains, boats, aeroplanes… the list goes on.

The environment is now paying for our quest for freedom, but that doesn’t mean we have to give it up. We just need to be smarter. Ditch the car. Go clean. Go electric.

The VAYA GO Electric Scooter is powered by an electric motor to minimise its impact on the environment. It’s also a comfortable and easy ride. The VAYA Go’s streamlined design makes it super portable while still carrying up to 150 kg. It’s been designed with that age-old quest for freedom in mind. Freedom to go to the café or shops. Freedom to get to work or the train. Freedom to zip around campus.

One of our customers uses his VAYA Go to run errands around Queensland’s Gold Coast. He loves the way it folds up and fits nicely into his boot, and it means he doesn’t have to fight for parking in the CBD. He can park further out and zip around town on his scooter. “It’s just too easy,” he said.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Vaya Go Electric Scooter here. Order online and your scooter will immediately be on its way to you. If you would like a test ride, pop into our showroom at 127 Redland Bay Rd, Capalaba QLD 4157 in Brisbane and say hi.