Why Buy Electric Over Petrol Powered Motorbikes?

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider buying an electric, rather than a petrol powered motorbike.

1. Low Maintenance  

Electric motorbikes need very little maintenance. These bikes have fewer parts which minimises the maintenance required. Did you know, brakes wear down slower with electric motorbikes compared to petrol powered motorbikes? This is due to the mechanics of the electric motor, causing the brakes to wear down slower than traditional motorbikes, so you’ll get longer wear out of each set.


2. Save Time and Money 

Electric powered bikes can save you a lot of money. Avoid high priced petrol and enjoy cruising past the line-up of cars at the local petrol station. Although there are electricity costs when charging, these are much lower than paying for petrol. Minimum bike maintenance means you don’t need to pay for countless spare parts like you would with a standard motorbike, saving you a lot of money and time!


3. Powerful Torque 

Electric motors create quick acceleration and a whole new level of power. If you enjoy quick take-off with no messing around, an electric motorbike will not disappoint.

4. Environmental 

Electric motorbikes create a cleaner environment. Noise pollution is also reduced compared to a petrol-powered motorbike due to its whisper quiet engine. Instead of drowning out the peaceful surrounds, you can now immerse yourself in nature. One would like to think that our native wildlife is better off as well. Electric motorbikes contribute to eliminating exhaust fumes, therefore improving community health levels.


Check out the VAYA Electric Range. We have electric powered motorbikes right down to stand on scooters. We want to encourage everyone to choose a greener option for their daily commute. Electric isn’t just green though; the many advantages also highlight an obvious financial benefit.