man riding vaya calypso electric scooter along beach in Gold Coast, Australia

Introducing the VAYA Calypso Electric Scooter

Autumn is here. That fresh sea breeze rushes past as you ride along the beach boulevard. The ocean is to your left, a row of quaint beach houses is to your right. A mixture of morning sea air and freshly ground coffee permeates the air. You ride straight through the traffic jam, past the lineup of cars waiting at the fuel station. Not you though… No overpriced petrol and crazy long lines ever again!

How does one begin every day like this?

Let us introduce you to our Calypso. Yep, the name is as enticing as the bike itself. The Calypso provides a new sense of freedom. This electric motorbike is oh so smooth to ride, well balanced and you never have to pay for fuel again!

Have you noticed green transport can be expensive? We think that choosing a greener way of living should be convenient and affordable for everyone! This is why the VAYA Calypso electric scooter was born. A stylish beachside electric scooter that’s easy to ride, low maintenance and provides a green solution for those everyday errands and weekend outings.

Design your Calypso to your taste by choosing the colour and battery capacity. The Calypso comes with one battery but you can choose to have a second for longer range.

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin… It doesn’t matter which state or territory you live in; our electric scooters can be registered for on-road use in any state or territory in Australia.

Choose Calypso… Enjoy the silence.