Young celebrity riding VAYA GO electric scooter through Hyde Park in London

VAYA Launches in the UK

Imagine riding along the beautiful River Thames late one spring afternoon. You watch the sunset over the iconic Tower Bridge and finish your ride by the riverside with a glass of wine in a quaint Italian restaurant.

Well, maybe we haven’t experienced this yet BUT our VAYA scooters have! We are very excited to announce that VAYA Star 8 has launched in the City of London in the United Kingdom!

Celebrities and radio presenters have already started cruising on their VAYA through these iconic landmarks.

Meet Jordan Banjo, a radio presenter and celebrity dancer for Diversity, who loves to ride his Raven VAYA Go around the UK. This man knows how to bring style and class into all areas of life.

Jordan’s not the only VAYA lover though. Malvin Odoom and Rickie Haywood-Williams, two of the UK’s most loved BBC radio presenters are riding their VAYA to and from the office.

London is opening up to electric scooters and our VAYA GO is attracting a lot of attention. One of the favourite features of the scooters is the headlights for nighttime riding. Londoners love to socialise and meet up with friends for a meal or drink after work. What better way to travel than on a VAYA GO scooter. It’s unique, stylish and streamlined design, makes it so easy to ride.

It is exciting to see the British welcome the Star 8 VAYA into their lives but even more importantly, it shows their passion for green transport and cleaner energy. A passion we all share.

We feel overwhelmed by the love and support we’ve received from the UK since launching.

Give them your support and follow VAYA UK on Instagram @VAYA.UK and enjoy looking at beautiful scenic locations around picturesque London through the eyes of a VAYA.