VAYA GO Customer Review

We recently caught up with Joe to hear about his experience with his VAYA GO electric scooter.

“My wife won a VAYA scooter in a competition last year and we both loved riding it around our neighbourhood. After sharing the one scooter for a while, she decided to get me a matching one for Christmas which I was very excited to receive.

We live in a growing estate that has really good paths and infrastructure, perfect for zooming around on a VAYA scooter. We mostly use our scooters for cruising around to see family who live in the same estate as us or going to the local shops. Sometimes we just ride them for pleasure cruising. People have asked what my favourite part of the VAYA is but it’s hard for me to pick one. I love the different speed settings that make it easy to learn and it’s also just easy to ride in general which is great. It also folds up nicely which makes it so simple to transport. It is quite amusing riding around our estate on the VAYA as you get a lot of looks from people who are clearly a little jelly. It also sets off all the local kids on their regular scooters. We’ve even had a shady looking group of kids ask us to take them for a joy ride while we were at the shops. I politely declined that offer. 😉

Owning a VAYA has made our everyday commuting so much easier and shopping trips a very fun time… especially when you race there.”

We love the way Joe leaves his car in the garage and instead rides his VAYA. You know… if we all start to make these small changes, together we can make a real difference… and have fun in the process.

Our VAYA electric scooters come in three colours and battery sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Click this link and design your dream scooter. We will even ship it to you the same day your order is received.

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