electric scooter competition winner receiving VAYA Go electric scooter in Brisbane

And the winner is…

October was competition month here at VAYA. And the prize? Our top of the range model 10.5ah VAYA GO electric scooter. 

Valued at $999, it was one of our biggest giveaways, and about to belong to one lucky person. There was excitement at Head Office in Brisbane when our VAYA Managing Director, Ian, drew out the winning ticket from 280 entries. The winner was Anna from Yarrabilba! The VAYA GO was delivered to her door personally by Ian. 

We caught up with her recently to see how she was enjoying her new scooter. 

Anna states: “It has been such a blast winning this scooter!” 

Anna and her husband live in a built-up estate, with their local shopping district down the road. “I have been able to leave my car in the garage and just scoot up to the shops when I need,” Anna explained. “In a few short, and fun, minutes, I’m there.” She has also been using the scooter to visit friends and family in the area. In this summer heat, she would normally take the car, but now her VAYA scooter gets her there and back. 

And what about the ride itself? 

According to Anna: “It is such an easy scooter to use and get the hang of. It feels so effortless on hills and over bumpy ground, and it’s so easy to just fold up and pop in the car if I want to take it somewhere.” 

Anna’s whole family have been trying out the scooter, including in their house. 

We are so happy you are loving your scooter Anna! And, once again, congratulations on your win. 

The VAYA GO is everything you need in an electric scooter. 

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