young man riding environmentally friendly electric scooter in Brisbane

What is Australia doing for the environment?

From Governments, all the way down to our youth, Australians are getting on board the movement to care for our planet and the wonderful wildlife within it. Through incentives, alternative green energy solutions and an increasing awareness amongst the general public, people are taking active steps across the country to minimise their carbon footprint. Below are four major areas that are doing their bit for the environment.

Electricity Sources

Australia has always been heavily dependent on coal for its electricity supply. This has been an abundant resource, but the country is moving towards greener solutions. There are currently almost fifty wind farms operating across Australia and even more solar farms either operational or under construction. Along with that, incentives have been provided for roof solar panels in homes and businesses.

The federal government has also invested a huge amount of money and resources into researching and developing hydrogen energy sources.

Public Transport

Australia’s expansive landmass means travelling is a large part of people’s lives. Each day, people are commuting for work, travelling to visit friends and family, or simply taking an interstate holiday. Public transport is vital, but it puts a heavy toll on the environment.   

Earlier this year, the NSW government announced their intention to replace all current buses with zero-emission buses by 2050, and have been looking into both electric and hydrogen bus options. Other states have begun investigating green public transport options.

We are also seeing money put into bike lanes and better footpaths across the country.


Disposable fashion has put a huge strain on the environment due to the materials, manufacturing and disposal stages for many decades. Local businesses such as Outland Denim, have been leading the way when it comes to greener production, minimum waste and the creation of a product that will last many seasons. Other Australia fashion labels such as Vege Threads and Good Studios are choosing eco-friendly materials such as hemp and organic cotton. The Sydney company Citizen Wolf not only uses hemp, organic cotton and zero waste production processes in order to reduce landfills but they offer free repairs for as long as you wish to keep wearing your Citizen t-shirt. These companies are revolutionising environmentally sustainable fashion within Australia.

Young Contributors

Schools around Australia are literally getting their hands dirty to help the environment. Planting trees, building worm farms and composts and bringing in rubbish free lunches are being encouraged by schools across the country. Many are even allowing students to get out and learn more about their beautiful environment and how to care about it.

Each of these four initiatives is contributing to a greener future for Australia. Here at VAYA Electric Scooters and Electric Motorbikes Australia, we believe in providing environmentally sustainable modes of transport to assist people in their everyday lives. Each person has the opportunity to say yes to a greener earth and do their part to protect our beautiful country. Let’s come together as a nation and do our bit for Australia.

And of course, we don’t forget the very real and valuable health dividend that arises from our widespread adoption of green energy solutions. Especially when they involved the replacement of polluting combustion engines.