young man travelling through Brisbane on an electric scooter

Sustainability is Everyone’s Responsibility

Have you ever wondered what this trending word ‘sustainability’ really means? It has been tossed around a lot in recent years, but why is it important and what should we do about it?

The word ‘sustainable’ basically means capable of enduring – lasting the test of time – but when we talk about sustainability, we refer to the enduring nature of humanity on earth. The depletion of the earth’s resources so that there is less available for future generations or living in a manner that is “sustainable” for those generations.

Humans have existed on earth for thousands of years, but ever-increasing populations, the industrial age and the push towards a more disposable society in the west have left people wondering if there will even be a world for the next generation, let alone many to come. It is up to us to make sure there is.

Various world governments are changing policy to protect the environment. Policies like subsidies for greener energy, replacing diesel busses with electric busses, and taxing pollution. It isn’t just the responsibility of our governments, though. We all need to do our bit.

Here are some of the many ways that each of us can help:

1. Leave the car at home. Take public transport, carpool, walk or use an electric bike or electric scooter. Consider electric transportation.

2. Choose renewable energy. Electricity companies often have a renewable energy option when you sign up. At home you can also install solar panels, solar hot water, and solar lighting.

3. Turn things off. Lights, appliances and other unnecessary electronics.

4. Reuse and recycle. Remember your reusable bags, wash out containers and refill them, and send things off to be recycled. Some places will even give you money for cans. Avoid plastic.

5. Ask yourself if you really need the latest model. If your phone is still working well, resist the temptation to throw it out and purchase the latest model. If your TV is fine, fight the desire to replace it with one that has a larger screen size. Let’s resist the “throw-away” mentality. This will conserve our finite resources.

6. Find out about the companies you are buying from. Support the companies that are doing their bit for sustainability.

At VAYA Electric Scooters and Electric Motorbikes, we believe in the importance of sustainability and are working hard with innovative technology to reduce fossil emissions. This is an area we are very passionate about and we’d love you to join us on this journey to create a cleaner earth for future generations to enjoy.